Photo's of the Crew 70+

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Anyone with links to HMS Mahratta, can send me a photo of a crew member, in or out of uniform.

Photo No 70: Alexander Graham DJX 346298 Able Seaman.

Photo No 71: Ronald Collins D/KX 595733 Stoker 2nd Class. (Survivor)

Photo No 72: Glyn Evans D/JX 362805 Able Seaman. (photo cropped from the book 'Llangynog Gynt' by J D Lloyd, published by the author in 2000 and printed by 'Gwasg Gwynedd, Caernarfon')

Photo No 73: Alastair Carlos Haskett-Smith, Lieutenant

Photo No 74: George Edward Smith D/JX 199321 Signalman. (Known as Smithy).

Photo No 75: Alfred Hugh Mundy D/JX 390218 Able Seaman.

Photo No 76: Herbert Howells D/JX390227 Ordinary Seaman

Photo No 77: Archibald Perry D/J 100622 Petty Officer.

Photo No 78: Desmond Gerorge Titmus D/JX395060 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 79: Robert Joseph Ackerman D/JX202937 Able Seaman.

Photo No 80: Allan Richard Talboys. Warrant Officer Gunner

Photo No 81: Thomas Charles Richards. D/J 5190 Leading Seaman

Photo No 82: Harry (Buster) William Alfred Downing D/JX 155928 Leading Seaman.

Photo No 83: Edward Thorne D/JX 36464 Able Seaman.

Photo No 84: Peter Robert Owen D/JX 650234 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 85: Laurence Renest Reuben Giles D/JX 570952 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 86: Samuel Edwin Jones D/JX 649439 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 87: John Thomas Peters D/JX 366084 Able Seaman.

Photo No 88: James Ernest Wenn D/JX 453539 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 89: Arthur William Morris D/KX 132400 Stoker 1st Class.

Photo No 90: Arthur Thomas Mawdsley D/MD/X 2775 Able Seaman.

Photo No 91: Lieutenant Kenneth Russell Bowley. R.N.V.R

Photo No 92 : Cyril John Wait D/JX 397706 Ordinary Seaman

Photo No 93: Charles Old, D/KX 82182 Sub Petty Officer. (Survivor)

Photo No 94: William (Bill) G McDonald D/FX103544 Able Seaman. (Survivor)