Photo's of the Crew: No 1-29.

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Anyone with links to HMS Mahratta, can send me a photo of a crew member, in or out of uniform.

Photo No 1; David Lewis Morgan. D/KX 528819. Stoker 2nd Class, only photo we have.

Photo No 2; Jack Humble, Gunner. (Survivor)

Photo No 3; John William Lauridson D/MX 66032, Engine Room Artifice 4th Class.

Photo No 4: William Maurice Barclay, Midshipman.

Photo No 5; Edward James Parpworth D/JX 251026. Signalman.

Photo No 6; Harold Herbert Dabell D/JX 566681, Ordinary Seaman

Photo No 7; Frederick Paul Wolstenholme, D/JX 368608. Able Seaman (Survivor).

Photo No 8; Ron Wheway, Stoker 1st Class (taken off during last run).

Photo No 9; Jack Thorpe, D/JX 171933, Able Seaman. (taken from unable to contact them, if they wish me to remove it, will do when they contact me).

Photo No 10; James Stanley Mather, D/KX 87182 Petty Officer Stoker.

Photo No 11; Foster Moverley McRae (Peter McRae) Surgeon Lieutenant.

Photo No 12; David Annear, D/JX 345082. Able Seaman

PhotoNo 13; Alferd Henry Urmston, D/SSX 21935 Able Seaman.

.Photo No 14; Edwin Astin, Able Seaman. served on ship between 22-3-1943 and 11-2-1944.

Photo No 15; James Hill, D/JX 570912. Able Seaman

Photo No 16; Stanley Scott D/LX 22418, Leading Steward.

Photo No 17: Duncan McMillan, D/JX 304533, Able Seaman.

Photo No 18: Hugh Starkey D/JX 348519 Able Seaman.

Photo No 19: Thomas Tomkins D/SSX 27960, Leading Seaman (Survivor).

Photo No 20: Hugh McIntosh D/JX369628 Able Seaman,

Photo No 21: William Joseph McCullagh DSC, Lieutenant (E).

Photo No 22, Roy Bickenson, D/MX 59562, Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class.

Photo No 23, Horace Ramplin D/KX 99267, Stoker 1st Class.

Photo No 24: John Laurence O'Carroll D/MX66752, Electrical Artificer 4th Class.

Photo No 25: Donald Farmer McEwen D/JX 284313 Able Seaman.

Photo No 26: Jack Walter Welch D/KX119893 Leading Stoker.

Photo No 27: George Oakes D/JX 202473 Able Seaman.

Photo No 28: Fred Hill (Survivor).

Photo No 29: Leonard Albert Taylor D/JX 214748 Able Seaman.