About Me and In Memory of my wife

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This is who is behind this web site.


My name is Kieron and i am from Mid-Glamorgan, South Wales.

My Darling wife Ceri, died on 12th December 2013, after suffering for many years, which there seems to have been little help from the NHS.

her illness made her life hell, each day was unbearable for her, how she managed, I dont know, in constant pain and did not like to show people. She then had enough and decided she could not handle this illness anymore. Many times she said that there is now 3 in our marriage, Me, Her and this Beast.

Ceri was a very active and out going person, she loved cooking, looking after the home and cross stitching, 2012 was a very bad year, Ceri was failing to do everything, even finding it hard to sit in the car, for a trip to the Gower, Ceri loved going to the Gower.

Ceri also leaves behind a wonderful daughter Laura. 

R.I.P My Love, you are now out of pain after many years, Will always Love you. XXX .


We had been married over 25 years, and I am working on this web page to remember my wife's grandfather and the men of HMS Mahratta.




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