Photo's of the Crew: No 30 and up.

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Photo No 30: Malcolm Gwyn George, D/JX360855, Able Seaman.

Photo No 31: Roy Wenham D/JX 396031 Able Seaman.

Photo No 32: George Evans, D/JX340335, Telegraphist.

Photo No 33: Philip Elford Penton D/JX 569583 Wireman.

Photo No 34: Thomas Leslie Wright D/JX 304600, Able Seaman.

Photo No 35: Edward William Phillips D/JX 567177 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 36: Walter Watson D/KX82188, Petty Officer Stoker.

Photo No 37: John Higgs, Telegraphist, served on ship between 22-3-1943 and 27-1-1944.

Photo No 38: Robert Randall Harcus D/JX 421814 Ordinary Seaman. (photo taken from could not contact you to see if it was OK, but if not please contact me and i will remove it.

Photo No 39: Stanley Hubert Randell D/JX393273 Able Seaman.

Photo 40: John Charles Wight D/JX208770 Able Seaman.

Photo 41: Eric Arthur Forbes Drought DSC Lieu Commander. (Required photo from Imperial War Museum, print No A 15580. (Please note: Imperial War Museum images may not be copied without the permission of the Imperial War Museum)

Photo No 42: George Theobald D/JX 396004 Able Seaman.

Photo 43: Charlton Holland, D/J81779 Able Seaman.

Photo No 44: Ronald Blundell D/JX367153 Able Seaman.

Photo No 45: John William Waddell D/KX 81347 Leading Stoker.

Photo No 46: Kenneth Meredith D/JX612631 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 47: Thomas Alban Byrne DJX349871 Able Seaman.

Photo No 48: Frederick Roycroft D/J93960 Leading Stoker.

Photo No 49: Anthony Inderwick, Sub-Lt. Hospitalised in Dec 1943, (served from March 43 to December 43) his replacement was killed.

Photo No 50: Joseph Hogg D/KX 80680 Petty Officer Stoker.

Photo No 51: John Monaghan D/JX 184029 Able Seaman.

Photo No 52: James Smythe McAdam D/JX 393070 Able Seaman.

Photo No 53: Arthr Edric John Averill D/JX 178088 Able Seaman.

Photo No 54: Ronald Tokell P/JX 572709 Ordinary Telegraphist.

Photo No 55: Ronald Joseph Lane D/JX 364666 Able Seaman.

Photo No 56: Wilfrid Christopher D/JX 347039 Able Seaman.

Photo No 57: John Catchpole, Lieutenant

Photo No 58: Denys John Martin D/JX368755 Able Seaman.

Photo No 59: George Frederick Cox D/JX 172184 Able Seaman.

Photo No 61: Harold Brameld D/KX 162007 Stoker 1st Class.

Photo No 60: (Could this Sailor Be) Robert Griffiths Williams D/JX 528871 Stoker 2nd Class.

Photo No 63: Edward Vivian Thomas D/KX 112355, Leading Stoker. (Died 27th Sept 1943) During Arctic Storm.

Photo No 62: Frederick George Rice D/JX 393279 Able Seaman.

Photo No 65: James Crombie Anderson, D/SR 63417 Ordinary Seaman.

Photo No 64: Howard Harry Andrews D/MX 106232 Leading Cook.

Photo No 67: John Rickard D/SKX 67 Acting Leading Stoker.

Photo No 66: William Hubert Rickard D/MX53424 Ordnance Officer 2nd Class.

Photo No 69: Thomas Small Brydon D/JX286031 Able Seaman.

Photo No 68: Hugh Lloyd (Hughie) D/JX 204621 Signalman.